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Trio 3
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Trio 3
Ottawa Citizen | Doug Fisher
Trio 3
Village Voice |The Best Jazz Records of 2001 - Gary Giddins
Trio 3
Intakt Records (2006) | Nic Jones

"The Trio 3 experience involves the assimilation of every kind of jazz, from pre-bop mainstream to the furthest reaches of the avant-garde to sundry precincts on the world music front . . . achieving genuine tripartite equality. - Gary Giddens | Jazz Writer

"This band appeals to a broad spectrum without watering anything down, mainly because they have uncanny communication with one another . . . a group that pushes the envelope without breaking it. - Reggie Marshall, Agent |Mars Booking Agency

"A captivating balance between form and freedom- Joby Waldman, | Producer BBC

"This was jazz as it is meant to be played: powerful, muscular, and speedy, yet marked by intense empathy, compositional smarts, and amazing technical gifts.
-The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC

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